RWS Comtemporary Watercolour Competition 2017


yuki sato







good news!!! We just got a good news from far from our headoffice in Tokyo!! It comes from LONDON!!!! And the news is that Yuki’s work has been selected for the exhibition of the RWS Comtemporary Watercolour Competition 2017!!! His work, Foxes and Flowers can be found at Bankside Gallery, London from 3rd Mar to 15th Mar 2017!! Yuki himself is not able to be there but his work will wait you and gives you great welcome!! If you are in London or planning to go somewhere in mid of Mar, why not go the bankside gallery and check Yuki’s work there!! We wait your photo update with #uppercrusttokyo or #yukisato!!! So excite and how can I stop myself to click the ticket to London!!